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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Ya-Ya-yah] 6 Feb 2005 Yabu's exam study special + "Zoom In" 4 Jan 2010 HSJ's new song + Tackey news

"Ya-Ya-yah" (6 Feb, 2005) Yabu exam study special
Length: 19 mins 10 secs Size: 354 MB <-- Bad quality Starring: Ya-Ya-yah, Koyama & Massu & Tegoshi (NEWS), glimpses of baby HSJ & Kis-Mf-Ft2 members during song segment
Highlights: Yabu is about to sit his high school entrance exam, so the rest of Ya-Ya-yah and the NEWS members on this show decide to team up and ambush poor Yabu. Yabu's luck seems to be not as good as you'd expect and his memory skills are pretty shocking at first too!
* Hardsubbed version *
Mediafire: Join 2 parts with HJsplit before watching it

"Zoom In" (4 Jan, 2010) HSJ's new song "Hitomi no Screen"
Length: 2 mins 15 secs Size: 42 MB <-- Beautiful quality Starring: Hey!Say!JUMP
Highlights: For the first time since 2008 (!!) Hey!Say!JUMP will release a new song. It sounds catchy, but that hand-eye dance move thingy is just plain uncool...!

"Zoom In" (4 Jan, 2010) Tackey's watery musical
Length: 1 min 16 secs Size: 9 MB
Starring: Takizwawa Hideaki
Highlights: Tackey sure does like his flying & water, but isn't he pushing himself too hard by being in two different shows at the same time?

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