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Monday, September 27, 2010

[Ya-Ya-yah] 18 May 2003 - True or False flour diving quiz

"Ya-Ya-yah" (18 May, 2003) True or False flour diving quiz
Length: 19 mins 37 secs
Size: 326 MB
Starring: Ya-Ya-yah, NEWS (Koyama, Shige, Kusano), Nikaido (Kis-My-Ft2)
Highlights: They play a true-false quiz where they have to dive through gates according to their answers and end up in a plie of flour if they get it incorrect. Shige fails beautifully in this episode. Firstly they more or less cut his part of the game, then later he goes into the audience to ask questions, but manages to laugh stupidly *hee hee hee* and then insult one girl (and when he tries to make up for that, he manages to sound even stupider!) The NEWS members (or K.K.Kity as they were known at this time) sing a medley of cool old Johnnys songs. In the talk segment, Kusano tries to say he'll cut a dumpling into 4 parts, but even the audience knows that he's lying! Meanwhile, Koyama gets worked up about the bad side of Japanese peoples' personalities.
Softsubs: <-- I cut the ads out of the clip, so these probably are no use to any of you
* Hardsubbed version *
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