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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Subtitled] Music Station 26 Oct, 2007 - Kanjani 8

Music Station (26th Oct, 2007) Kanjani 8 talk & performance
Length: 6 mins 14 secs
Size: 173 MB
Starring: Kanjani 8, Hey! Say! JUMP, Tamori-san
Highlights: Yoko's funny story bombs when he messes up the punchline. Ryo complains that Murakami was 2 hours late, then sounds irritated when he is told that he exaggerated by 10 minutes. During the performance Subaru kisses Ryo on national TV !!!! and Ryo bats him away. All of Kanjani molest the newly debuted Jrs...!! Ryo gags cute little Yamada, Yoko won't stop kissing Chinen (and encourages Okamoto to do stupid break-dancing moves), while Subaru teaches Yuuto how to look ugly on TV...?!
Mediafire: Thanks to lil3_yama
Part 1:
Part 2:

*BONUS* "Mini Music Station" featuring Kanjani 8
Length: 1 mins 59 secs
Size: 31 MB
Highlights: Yoko's mother is a huge fan of Okura, but somehow ended up staring non-stop at a very nervous Yasuda. Watch this to find out why!
Thank you so much to bochan for hardsubbing this for me <3

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these. I'm not much of a Kanjani 8 fan, but I think that their latest song is really catchy and I love the way they all molest the poor little Jrs...!!!!

As always, feel free to share in other places~

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