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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Subtitled] Music Station 26 Oct, 2007 - Hey! Say! JUMP

Music Station (26th Oct, 2007) Hey! Say! JUMP talk & performance

Length: 5 mins
Size: 129 MB
Starring: Hey! Say! JUMP, Kanjani 8, Tamori-san
Highlights: Hey! Say JUMP's debut appearance on Music Station. The non-Hey! Say! 7 members introduce themselves. Find out who wants to be like KAT-TUN and which Kanjani member wants to be like Tackey~! They perform "Ultra Music Power" with about 4 trillion Jrs all dancing around getting tangled in the streamers.
Mediafire: Join with HJsplit
Part 1
Part 2

I think their song is incredibly catchy, even with teeny-tiny little boys with unbelievably high voices singing in the background a lot :-D

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