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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[24 Hour TV] 30 Aug 2009 Imoto gets her much-awaited hug from Tegoshi!!!

"NEWS Zero" (30 Aug, 2009) Tegoshi truly loves her!!
Length: 2 mins 33 secs
Size: 41 MB
Starring: Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS), Imoto Ayako (comedian girl who usually has big eyebrows)
Thank you to: Sarah for the raw file in a beautiful hardsubbable format ^.^
Highlights: Imoto gets her much awaited hug from Tegoshi. He truly does seem to love her! (Okay, so it seems like it's in a big brotherly kind of way, even though he's younger than her, but life wouldn't be right without Tegoshi acting superior to everyone around him!) The way he pats her head is so adorable. I never thought Tegoshi would be such a good hugger.
- Hardsubbed version -

Hopefully sometime in the next few days someone will share the morning news show clips of Imoto reaching the goal as they included a part of Tegoshi being teased about his hug. I'll sub them if I ever see the raw files anywhere.

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