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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[24 Hour TV] 29 Aug 2009 Ryo's darts trip failure

"24 Hour TV" (29 Aug, 2009) Ryo's darts trip
Length: 13 mins 48 secs Size: 227 MB
Starring: NEWS
Thanks to: inala & sufafiori & zaziemuto for sharing and/or converting the raw files
Highlights: The tomato scenes!! And "Yamapi, Yamapi, Koyama!" Basically Ryo was hilarious in the whole clip, even if maybe he hadn't intended to be! And the other NEWS members were having so much fun laughing at Ryo's failings & sharp tongue! I think Shige was loving watching someone else fail for a change!
- Hardsubbed version -
Mediafire: Join 3 parts with HJsplit before watching

By the way, this clip is one of the reasons why I'd asked if Ryo was sick in one of my earlier posts. He'd looked really healthy and well in this part when he was in the studio (at least to me.) But then he disappeared for a lot of the rest of the show & seemed like zombie by the end of it.

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