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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Utaban] 13 Sept 2009 Tackey & palm reading

Happy birthday to the wonderful inala ~^.^~

"Utaban" (13 Sept, 2009) Tackey & palm reading & "Hikari Hitotsu"
Length: 20 mins 18 secs
Size: 306 MB <-- Not wonderful quality
Starring: Takizawa Hideaki (solo artist), Mizukawa Asami (actress), Nakai Masahiro (SMAP)
Highlights: Tackey's palm shows that he would be the perfect porn star! He is a stud who is popular with the ladies and an erotic pervert. The actress lady who seems to have no charisma and aboslutely no connection with her co-stars is shown to be an airhead. Nakai dances happily but then gets a shock when he finds out that one of his palm lines is a miracle!
Softsubs: <-- Fit 24 min 53 sec version, so probably won't work for anyone
- Hardsubbed version -
Mediafire: Join 4 parts with HJsplit before watching

By the way, I cut out the first 4 minutes of the clip where the dull actress lady says that Tackey gave her some g-string panties as a joke and she thought he was being serious. It took 4 minutes for her to blandly explain that! I wonder if she really does have more personality than I've seen but just comes across as about as interesting as a piece of cardboard on variety shows & interviews?!

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