Informative Post

Monday, December 31, 3010

Informative Post

UPDATE: Unfortunately, it looks like Wendy has deleted her LJ before her stated deadline of October 1. I was unable to save everything from her journal, so what I have here is all I've got. If you have any videos I don't have listed here, please let me know!

Click on the image below to enlarge!

For those who may or may not know, Newshfan subbed a large amount of clips of varying Johnny's groups. When I was new to the JE fandom, I somehow found my way to her subbed clips, and I've enjoyed watching everything she shared. It's very unfortunate that she has decided to stop all subbing.

I know I'm not alone in feeling this way, and I'd like other fans, old and new, to continue enjoying these clips. This is where I want to keep them alive for future fans.

I WILL delete double posts and fix broken links (If I still have the video file..). I WILL also add any clips not archived here.

As for what I WON'T do, I'll find out in due time..

I am not the one subbing these! I don't take credit for any of these subbed videos. All videos were subbed by NEWShFAN!

All I ask is that whatever previous message was tacked onto the video be respected-- NEWShFAN closed down her journal because of rule-breakers, so I don't think any more harm can be done now. See, streamers? You ruin the fun for everyone. =P

If anyone's curious, here are the tags that are complete, as in, I managed to save every entry under that tag. (But not the mediafire/megaupload links!)

24 hour tv
best artist
buzzer beat promo

cartoon kattun
gakkou e ikou
hadaka no shounen
hanamaru cafe

kaiki club series
meringue no kimochi
orthos no inu promo
osama no brunch
scary sunday series

the shounen club premium
the shounen club

kinki kids
domoto kyoudai
tackey & tsubasa
hideaki takizawa


  1. hey hi! mmh i want to share some ideas about this, but in private xD? i there a way we can send messages? like in LJ? without sending here my email? asap please n_n

  2. I posted/re-uploaded to mf, the tegomasu con dvd and joker here:

    I probably have a bit more, but I can't remember. But if it's of use, please use the links here then~

  3. Hey, I had some of her links open apparently right as she deleted her journal.
    Her is one of her mediafire accounts.

    I am so sad she's decided to stop subbing, but it's nearly impossible to regulate internet file sharing.

  4. i have the drama darekissu's softsub from her but the raw i got from one of her friends and i failed to remember the name D:

    should i gave you the link or...?

  5. umm... well if you google her name ("newshfan") and then use the "cached" link provided in the search you are able to see the posts even if the journal is deleted.

    I'm just saying this in case you want to actually save all her links :)

  6. Two ways you can get the rest of the posts you missed (this is only going to work for public posts) : use google's caching ability - type "" into the search engine and then the name of whatever downloads you're looking for. Then click the "cached" button (end of the green url) to get the page as it appeared on some day before she deleted the journal.

    Your other option is to subscribe to the rss feed. you can do this with google reader - add to your subscriptions, and all the not-friend-locked posts should be there :)

  7. @Anherabaka Murakami: You can email me or send a PM to me on LJ. I'm hikabunny there. ^^;

    Thanks everyone. You all are really helpful. I'll try my best, but classes at university are starting, so I don't know how much I'll be able to do. XD

    @dreamtiny: That's awesome. I would think all her entries weren't flocked, for the most part. I mean, she never added me and I could see all her subs! I have no idea how to use rss feeds. XD

  8. > < Sigh.
    Thank you for doing this! <3

  9. All I want to say is that you are aaaaawe-some!! *-* Thanks for doing this, it was a huge waste to lose all of those subs!! Dx Thanks!!! =DDDDD

  10. hi, i have lots of her (more recent) MF dl links, mostly anything under toma, shige (i didn't manage to get the troubleman subs!), shounen club premium, shounen club, news and PV. i don't have the original entries, but if you need help i can try to do the caching thingy (that @dreamtiny explained) for the entries that i have the links for.

  11. If you want I have quite of the few links saved I think all of the 2007 ones so a lot of Ya-Ya-Yah, Shounen Club things...

  12. Thanks for your effort! I downloaded a lot but still miss tons of her clips.

  13. awww..thats really a pity. I used to go there to search for KinKi Kids subbed videos. T___T

    Thank you for taking the effort to save the things...I'll try to help if I can. (I need to go thru the videos I have first) =)

  14. I think I have some of her original links as well, if you want, just tell me ^^ I'll also try to reupload them but that would take a longer time xD.

  15. I barely have any space left in my PC so I couldn't download the videos, but what I did do was save all the posts (2007-2010) from her journal. So, if you need them I can upload for you. Note these aren't the actual videos, just the posts the links were in.
    There were just so many videos, and so many posts that I think it's a shame all her hard work could get lost. I became a JE fan thanks to her subs and her willingness to share with people and I wish we can one day retribute what she did for us.

  16. are those videos can be uploaded to streaming site?

  17. this is really really awesome, thanks so much for doing this and making sure people still have access to these links! =D

  18. first of all you are awesome!
    second of all: i have a blog in portuguese but i copy some videos of wendy-chan of "newshfan" too.
    So, do you have this ( janiben video? if you dont you can keep it!

    And this: ( Ousama no Brunch - Sexy boxer Pi is molested by a woman

    mini-drama PPOI: (

    "Ninki Drama Cast no Chousen" - Joker cast with magic - (

    i dont know if this is usefull to you, but anyway ... i just wanted to help ^^

    (If you need help with the portuguese thing, let me know)

  19. I have some clips 16gb of videos, some series like joker and darekiss movie....hope this helps you...
    I can reupload what I have... ^^
    You can find me in
    ^^ Kisses <3

  20. oh my good... she gave me a big shock at late night... i hup she can find new hobby tht can make her happy!! btw thx 4 doing this 4 us!! i have sum her news subs but i dun think i cant share it fast - college thing - if i can share it i'll contact u!! for wendy good bye hon... i will miss u!!

  21. hi hiii. i saved the majority of clips regarding yamapi and nishikido ryo from NEWS plus all the live concert DVDs if you ever need them . `;D

  22. Do you have some of the KAT-TUN PV and making?
    It is sad that she deleted her journal. Hopefully she'll be fine. :))

  23. hi. i have a lot of videos subbed by her on busy now but when im free again i can share. thank you so much for making this blog.*sends love*

  24. thanks for doing this, was out of this world and when I came back this happens u_u.......really sad about it...
    what I found is that you can still find some posts in google cache =)...

  25. thank you so much for your hard work
    I highly appreciate the effort to keep Wendy-san's work alive

    Thank you dear ^^

  26. I've video subbed by her...not much...
    when I free...i'll try to share it...

    it's a big loss when her close her lj...
    she subbed a video from the jr period...
    that's the best thing from her...
    miss her...

  27. looking for Kat tun Queen of Pirates subbed..does anyone have it? or willing to re upload?

  28. Thanks for do that.
    Is sad that Wendy closed her LJ, but she had a lot of troubles about some videos, so... ^^U

    I think the web have a lot of girls like Wendy, and is just a few of time to find them ♥

    Thanks, again ^^

  29. i think somehow you miss this video:
    [Koi no Karasawagi] 2009.10.17 Massu seems a bit ditzy.avi

    here is the link for MEDIAFIRE that is from newshfan for sure:
    - hardsub:
    - .ass:

    here is a link for HOTFILE that has the same name and size, but i dont know if it is the same video (i had only downloaded the MF file):

    I hope to be helpful ^^

  30. OMG. Idk what to say. You're jst way too amazing!! Thanks so much!! <3

  31. Thank you so much for your job m(_ _)m
    Now I'm really happy because I found this blog *cry*

  32. omo, i've just found out last night about wendy's closing her lj and bid goodbye to her hobby of was sad but its her decision and i respect it.i just wanted to say thank you for doing so many subbed/hardsubbed je vids!! and i just want to know if any of you guys have save her arashi's 5X10 con softsubbed?? pretty please can i have it??thanks so much

  33. is sadded, that i found out about this only now. (was too busy with exams, graduation and stuffs.) ;( but nevertheless, i too respect her decision... but more importantly, i want to THANK YOU for taking the time and effort for doing this!! Send loads of hugs and cookies over!! especially since i'm new to this fandom...(hopped on board right before i got busy. signs.) if you get what i mean.. hahas. xxxoo loves♥(:

  34. i'm so glad about this that i think i might cry because of happiness...THANK YOU for all your hard work and for all the time that you spend...

  35. thank you so much for this. i didnt have internet connection for a few months. it was a shock when i found out that she cancelled her LJ glad you did this.

    i cant download KAT-TUN's Break the Records Concert. Megaupload is not being too nice to me and the other link says the video doesnt exist anymore. help. please?

  36. Do you have the KAT-TUN II You Concert subbed by NEWShFAN? I want to watch it so badly but no one has it subbed in a long version because I can't use HJSplit :(

    Please upload it if you have it, it would be very much appreciated! ty!

  37. u have d softsubs 4 Niini No Koto Wa Wasure?? i really need it..hope u have it :D

  38. eto... i did save some vids from her...
    a lot of onigokkus and other stuffs...

    however, i recently found out about this thing (piling vids from newshfan)...

    i don't know if you already have some of the vids i downloaded...

    but... just in case you don't.. i'll check what i have and i was wondering where i should put them? O_O

    i also want to help other fans looking for subbed vids...

    you can contact me through my blogspot accnt.. ^^ thank you!!!

  39. Thank you so so much for compiling all of these videos! I have a lot of them as well, so I'll try going through them and seeing if I have anything that hasn't been put up yet.

  40. hey guys do you have the arashi 2008 con with subs... I know newshfan subbed this... I really was so sad when I heard newhsfan deleted her journal... Damn leeches...

  41. thank you for all your hard work and for all the time that you spend.


  42. thank you thank you so much for sharing what u have.., i am really shocked when i open newshfan.livejournal today and found out some weird language by someone i don't know, so well, I am still shocked though >3<,, thank you for carrying her job, it is very very thoughtful of you, I am really proud as one of her dedicated followers., thank you so much =D

  43. thanks thanks thanks many thanks for saving her files!

    otsukaresama deshita!

    i hope no more fangirl who do stupid things such as uploading things to internet :/

  44. it's really nice of you to make a backup of those files ^.^~

    but I have a question, I hope you can answer it for me because even after searching and searching I didn't find a solution D:
    since I couldn't find a subbed version of kat-tun's Don't u ever stop PV making of here, I googled it and got to download it split in 3 parts~ If I'm not mistaken it might even be uploaded originally from Newshfan... anyway I can't join the files unless I don't have a password and I can't find that password anywhere D: can you maybe help me out? >___<

    [or have I maybe been too stupid, to find the clip here? D: sorry for any inconvenience and thank you in advance ~~]

  45. you are amazing!!!! i was searching for something like this thank you so much for taking the job and me all of us happy^^
    I miss news fan a lot and it makes me sad that she deleted her journal because she was amazing and I checked her journal everyday T_T but anyway thank you so much I´ll try to search something too^^

  46. Hey, I have found a site dedicated to KAT-TUN and I believe you can search there for almost all of newshfan videos regarding KAT-TUN! Also, there are numerous subbed clips from other fansubbing groups so you can check them out as well! :) --->

  47. hey, juz wanted to thank you again for backing up these files and putting them up here.

    been snitching them off u since i found this blog right after u uploaded it. lol!

    now, i've juz started liking shige, and since i'm still contemplating joining NEWS communities, while quiting redundant ones, this is a great help to me in finding reference material.

    after falling deeply in love with Arashi and a few individuals, i really got no more spare time to go thru everything, and dun wanna join another fandom lightly. haha.

    so, once again, thank you very much! <3

  48. hi...
    it's been a year and im wondering if this blog is still active...

    so im snooping around and i found newshfan new account in dreamwidth... but the problem is she has her Mediafire account deleted.
    im in the process of salvaging her links thru the "add to my account" button.., but there's just to many...
    i kinda need help and also just want to inform people...

    well, anyway ill be also here and download those links that she doesnt have...

    also is it okay to pimp you around?

  49. 90% of Arashi and NEWS videos are dead though.

  50. many download link were dead :(
    hope you'll reupload it :)

  51. I'm sorry but most of the link were dead, would you mind to re-upload it?
    thank you *bow*