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Thursday, September 23, 2010


* Tutorials *

Seeing as people often ask these things, it's probably easiest for me to post this here rather than having to re-type it out in PMs to people.

To use Aegisub (.ass) softsubs:
1. First download the raw video (the video without any subtitles on it. Check that it is the same length in minutes as the softsubs otherwise the softsubs and your video probably won't be in synch)
2. Download VobSub from
or the CCP Codec Pack
or the K-lite Codec Pack <-- My personal favorite
3. Make sure your raw file & the softsubs have the same name
eg. NEWShFANsubbedTHIS.avi (is your "raw" file - the video file) + NEWShFANsubbedTHIS.ass (softsub file)
4. The subtitles should then show up automatically when you play the video
5. Note: If you're using a Mac, 1) download VLC, or 2) download Perian to use with Quicktime
Thanks to jackoweskla for the Mac tips. P.S. Apparently option 2 works best according to yamapi-blue

To sub a video I use:
1. VisualSubSync to time the video and type in the subtitles
2. Aegisub to choose fonts & colors and position the subtitles where I want them on the screen
3. VirtualDub to burn the subtitles onto the video to create a hardsubbed version. I usually use Xvid-MPEG4 Codec configured to 5.09 as the target quantizer to get a reasonable quality video that is not too big in size
4. By the way, I also use VirtualDub to cut clips to whatever size I want and to get rid of parts of the video that I don't want
5. By the way (again) to convert videos from other stupid formats to .avi so I can hardsub them, I use Super convertor which you can download for free from here:
*NOTE* Thread on other convertor software:

If you're not getting any sound or picture when you try to watch the video:
1. Download K-lite Codec Pack
2. Also, make sure you have joined all the .001 .002 etc parts together with HJSplit before you try to watch it
You can download HJsplit for free here:

How to allow PMs on livejournal: *Especially for HSJ fans who don't seem to ever get this!*
1. Go to the top of the page and click on JOURNAL then choose VIEWING OPTIONS.
2. You should now be in ACCOUNT SETTINGS. Click on PRIVACY at the top of the page.
3. Scroll down to ENABLE COMMENTS.
4. Choose "Allow comments from" EVERYBODY or REGISTERED USERS.
5. Click SAVE at the bottom of the page.
6. You should now be able to receive PMs from other people instead of just being able to send them.

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