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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Testuwan DASH] 5 Oct 2003 TOKIO vs 100 detectives - Escape from the island

"Testuwan DASH" (5 Oct, 2003) TOKIO vs 100 detectives #5 Escape from the island
Length: 32 mins 19 secs Size: 240 MB <-- Bad quality
Starring: TOKIO
Highlights: This is the 5th time TOKIO has played this game where they are chased by 100 "detectives." It's kind of similar to the Onigokko games that I've subbed from the "Ya-Ya-yah" episodes. Usually TOKIO plays a version where they have to try to get to some cans and kick them over. This time the TOKIO members have 5 hours to escape from an island. Tatsuya climbs cliffs, Taichi makes friends (and in my opinion he kind of cheated), Joshima is chased by an old fan lady, Matsuoka gets freaked out by a spider and Nagase gets freaked out by a friendly shopkeeper.
* Hardsubbed version *
Mediafire: Join 2 parts with HJsplit before you try to watch it

Does anyone know a good alternative to mediafire? It look me 3 hours to upload this clip there. That's insane...! It seems to be going slower & slower each day *ugh*

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