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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Subtitled] Shounen Club Premium: 21 Oct 2007 - Tegoshi Yuuya

Shounen Club Premium (21st Oct, 2007) Guest: Tegoshi Yuuya (NEWS) & Tegomasu

Length: 30 mins 02 secs
Size: 279 MB
Starring: Tegoshi Yuuya (NEWS), Tegomasu, Kokubun Taichi (TOKIO)
Highlights: Tegoshi talks about how much he disliked being with the other NEWS members at first and how he seriously considered quitting the group. The NEWS members all talk about their impressions of Tegoshi, then TOKIO's Nagase says that he thinks Tegoshi is not as innocent as he seems...! Tegomasu perform "Chocolate" and "Miso Soup" (or should that be "Clam Chowder"...??!!)
Mediafire: Join with HJsplit
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Megaupload: Join with HJsplit
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Due to popular request (I've always wanted to say that... LOL) here's Tegoshi's interview subbed. Warning: There are times when you'll either have to read fast or use the pause button~! Both Tegoshi & Taichi tend to talk pretty quick when they're nervous!

Feel free to share, but I'd love it if you let me know where you'll be posting it. Thank you

I'd be happy if you left a comment if you download because Tegoshi is god and we wouldn't want to risk angering him in any way, would we?! Thank you~ ~

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