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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Shounen Club] 8 Jan, 2006 Producer; Kusano, Theme: boys be ambitious - full episode

"The Shounen Club" (8 Jan, 2006) Producer: Kusano, Theme: Boys be ambitious (Almost full episode)

Length: 47 mins 58 secs
Size: 315 MB
Starring: NEWS (without Uchi), Ya-Ya-yah, Kis-My-Ft2, A.B.C, Johnnys Jr, tiny Hey!Say!JUMP kiddies
Note: I cut out most of the "Jr. ni Q" segment because the Jrs they talked to have all left Johnnys (and I usually skip that segment when I watch SC because I find it boring!)
Highlights: Maybe I'm biased, but NEWS & Ya-Ya-yah totally rocked their songs in this episode. I love NEWS "Mafuyu no Nagareboshi" song! In a totally unrelated point, JE boys should be banned from singing songs with English lyrics in them (both Kusano & Ryo's solo songs had random English in them.) We get to see Kusano do a backflip (and almost not quite flip over far enough...), hear Koyama's mighty important aim for the new year which involves pudding (!?) and get to see how excited Yamapi seems when Kusano's around. Shige complains about Tegoshi not giving him enough respect (which Tegoshi half-heartedly says is not true) and Ryo yells at the Jrs for not using enough glue >.<
Softsubs: (Fits the 52 min 42 sec full episode)

- Hardsubs -
Mediafire: Join 4 parts with HJsplit before watching it

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  1. Unfortunately, except for the link with the softsubs, none of the other links doesn't work anymore. But I'm taking the softsubs and I'm gonna look for a raw version of this episode.
    Thank you for posting this!