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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Shounen Club] 21 Dec 2008 Christmas Special (full episode)

"The Shounen Club" (21 Dec, 2008) Our Christmas Present special (full episode)
Divided into 9 parts
Thanks to tesshi and fecundeety and ryo_iciya for the MU links *sends cookies*

Part 1
Length: 7 mins 42 secs
Highlights: The Jrs attempt to dance, Yabu & Hikaru talk about Xmas, and Koyama puts a smile on my face when he admits that he always spends Xmas with the same person. (Japanese people usually spend Xmas with their lovers.) Nakamaru also attempts to join in the conversation and spread some KAT-TUN "member ai." There's a bit of a HSJ/HSJ solos medley too.
Softsubs: or

Part 2
Length: 8 mins 57 secs
Highlights: Yabu & Hikaru sing (again), then there are some quick cuts of different guests singing this year (mostly Kansai people). Then Kis-My-Ft2 & A.B.C-Z chat for a bit about their first concert & the random costumes they wore.
Softsubs: or L5

Part 3
Length: 10 mins 57 secs
Highlights: ABC-Z sing a song. There's a weird part where some of the noisier Jrs dress up as reindeer & decide they have to show off their talents. Later some Kansai Jrs come on & talk about having been in a drama & having their own concerts this year. (I thought the best part was how Koyama seems to refer to two of them by their group name as if he doesn't know their indiviual names either!)
Softsubs: or 2W

Part 4
Length: 12 mins 32 secs
Highlights: Footage of some Kansai Jrs singing, then a Johnnys Jr Xmas song medley (my highlight of the entire show! I love Johnnys Xmas songs!) Then "Takaki & Friends" (which is a perfect name for them, because Takaki's is the only name that I remember) sing 3 songs.
Softsubs: or

Part 5
Length: 5 mins 53 secs
Highlights: Takaki Yuya & the other 2 guys who have tagged along beside him all year turn up and chat for a bit, with a little video of them speaking Chinese in Taiwan. Then Takaki & Question? sing a couple of songs.
Softsubs: or 45

Part 6
Length: 10 mins 23 secs
Highlights: This is the game segment. It's the "guess the song from the intro" game (again!). It's a winter version, which seems a concept too hard for some of the Jrs to understand (Is it NEWS's "Summer Time" song? NO....!!!) My personal highlight was Koyama not knowing the Kansai Jrs names any better than I do!
Softsubs in bigger font: or WU
Softsubs: or EL

Part 7
Length: 9 mins 19 secs
Highlights: It starts off with more of that random reindeer skit, then Butoukan come & Yara talks while the other members just
sit there holding microphones for no reason. Then Butoukan perform a medley of their songs.
Softsubs: or OS

Part 8
Length: 9 mins 00 secs
Highlights: There's another tiny highlights clip of debuted Johnnys who've been on the show this year. The middle part is the "Jr. ni Q" (Questions for the Jrs) which I didn't add subs to because A. I'd have to actually sit through it to sub it (no thanks!) and B. it's hosted by 2 Jrs I've never seen before so I assume they must be Kansai kids. I started subbing again from a song by a couple of kids who I've never heard of (for all I know, they may be the same kids as the Q part. They all look the same to me!) Then there's a little chat where "Kei-chan" & Nakamaru read requests for their own songs.
Softsubs in bigger font: <-- Maybe I downloaded a weird version of the raw, but the subs appear so small on my screen if I stick to the same font sizes as the other parts
Softsubs: or CR

Part 9
Length: 13 mins 14 secs
Highlights: Highlights of Koyama, Nakamaru & Kis-My-Ft2's performances over the year. Then Kis-My-Ft sing a bit more
and it's time for the grand finale of KinKi Kids song "Cinderella Christmas."
Softsubs in bigger font: or C7
Softsubs: or CP

Note1: All of these are in Aegisub format (.ass)
Note2: Make sure your raw video file & the softsubs have the same names before the .ass/.avi parts
Thank you to whoever it was that wrote up that tutorial <3 style="color: rgb(255, 102, 0);">Raw videos can be found at:

* Hardsubbed (?) Raw (?) version * thanks to pansocuep

* Softsubs put into one huge file but apparently parts of songs translations are missing (?? I don't care enough to check it) Thanks to moon_kaka

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