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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Scary Sunday series] "Kowai Nichiyoubi" mini drama series #3

Here are a few more of the Scary Sunday shows.

The original series of "Kowai Nichiyoubi (Scary Sunday)" had 4 "navigators" who introduced the episodes. They were Yokoyama You (Now a Kanjani8 member), Kamenashi Kazuya (now a KAT-TUN member), Sato Takashi (who has left Johnnys) and Nagatani

Episode 5 (8 Aug, 1999) Don't Move It! (Aiba Masaki & Nakamaru Yuuichi)

Length: 5 mins 18 secs
Size: 57 MB
Starring: Aiba Masaki (Arashi), Nakamaru Yuuichi (KAT-TUN), the 4 navigators
Highlights: Nakamaru & Aiba are on a school trip togther. Aiba offers to sleep with Nakamaru. I think Nakamaru must be specializing in bed scenes!! (He was in bed in his "Dream" episode too!) It turns out that Nakamaru talks like a woman when he's in bed. (Feel free to interpret all that in whatever way you want to!! LOL) By the way, Kame looks adorably robotic as one of the navigators introducing & summing up the story!

Episode 9 (4 Sept, 1999) The Last Juice (Tanaka Koki)
4 mins 29 secs
Size: 50 MB
Starring: Tanaka Koki (KAT-TUN), Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN)
Highlights: Koki's hairstyle is so funny! His hair is bigger than him LOL!! Anyway, the story is kind of sweet. There's also a tiny part of Kame at the end doing his "I am a serious commentator" voice.

Episode 10 (11 Sept, 1999) Used Clothing Store & Approved Tale (Matsujun & Yokoyama You)
Length: 13 mins 29 secs
Size: 75 MB
Starring: Matsumoto Jun (Arashi), Yokoyama You (Kanjani8), the 4 navigators
Note: This episode is not such good quality and jumpy in places, sorry. But it is 9 years old, so I think it's forgivable...!
Highlights: These 2 short stories are really scary! I actually got so scared watching them that I had to pause it while I went and turned on every light in sight in my house! Anyway, Matsujun finds a pair of used jeans that have a stain on them... *insert scary music here* Dum-dum-dum-dum... In Yokoyama's story he picks up a prop that was left on the filming set. My favorite part was when that lady from "Who's Yamapi's Mom?" clip suddenly appeared!

"Kowai Nichiyoubi ~2000~ (Scary Sunday ~2000~)" had 4 "navigators" who introduced the episodes. They were Akanishi Jin (now a KAT-TUN member), Hasegawa Jun, Nagatani (who has left Johnnys) and Hagewara Yukito

Episode 21 (26 Nov, 2000) Another World Exists -Final- (Akanishi Jin & Hasejun)

Length: 5 mins 18 secs
Size: 41 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin (KAT-TUN), Hasegawa Jun, the 4 navigators
Highlights: Jin & Hasejun get transported to another world and meet their "bad" selves. It gets kind of confusing (at least for me!) about who is who when they're talking together. Maybe they need to wear "I am a goodie" and "I am a baddie" name tags or something...? Ha ha

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