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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Kanjani 8] The 3 Santas clip + Yokoyama interview

The Shounen Club (14 Dec, 2003) The 3 Santas skit & Kanjani medley

Length: 9 mins 18 secs
Size: 116 MB
Starring: Kanjani 8 oldies (Subaru, Yokoyama, Murakami), Inoo Kei, Matsumoto Kouhei, Johnny Jrs.
Highlights: The 3 Kanjani guys dress up as Santa and try to convince the Jrs that they're the real Santa. Watch them do push-ups, back-flips (and fail badly~~!) and speak in fake Tokyo accents. The clip ends with a medley of Christmas songs. I love Christmas songs so much~~~!!
Mediafire: Join with HJsplit
Part 1
Part 2

Zoomin (21 Nov, 2007) Interview with Yokoyama You

Length: 3 mins 55 secs
Size: 30 MB
Starring: Yokoyama You (Kanjani 8)
Highlights: Yoko talks about how another KJ8 member ate his yogurt (when they lived together in the dorm) and how he was ready to kill that person~!! He also mentions how he changes his clothes often more often than I do before a date. Learn out why he's so dumb~! (See ckids, going to high school is important!) Finally hear his sob-story about how Johnny doesn't call him "You." Awwww~ poor baby~

Aren't you all proud of me for getting over my long-held dislike of KJ8????
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  1. thank you very much for uploading the vids