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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Hanamaru Cafe] 14 May 2009 - Kato Shigeaki

"Hanamaru Cafe" (14 May, 2009) NEWS's Kato Shigeaki as the guest
Length: 25 mins 26 secs
Size: 157 MB
Starring: Kato Shigeaki (NEWS), Tegoshi & Koyama & Masuda (NEWS)
Thanks to: yamapi85 for the raw file
Highlights: NEWS's moms are all close and Shige's mom is the leader of them. She sends off mass text messages to them to make sure they support her son. Shige forces himself to eat food he doesn't even like for breakfast & lunch each day and he thinks Yamapi has a beautiful body. Ryo says what he doesn't like about Shige (but Shige says that Ryo actually has the same problem) and 3 NEWS members send their usual teasing message which Tegoshi sums up with his "I am superior" way of speaking!
- Hardsubbed version -
Mediafire: Join 2 files with HJsplit before watching this
Sendspace: Join 2 files with HJsplit before watching this Thanks to fecundeety

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