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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Hadaka no Shounen]

"Hadaka no Shounen" (16 March, 2002) Boiling & icy baths battle
Length: 17 mins 8 secs
Size: 158 MB
Starring: KAT-TUN (minus Jin & Ueda), Jimmy Mackey, Kazama Shunsuke
Thank you to: snowy_yuki for a link to a nice quality raw link here
Highlights: Everyone has to take turns in boiling and freezing baths and try to get their team to have spent exactly 2 minutes total in the baths. Their body clocks seem to fail badly when they're trying to count 20 seconds out while being in a boiling/freezing bathtub! Watching this should also give you some idea of why I still find it hard to think of anything nice to say about Koki ever! He just strikes me as being really annoying!!!
- Hardsubbed version -

Thanks to hikarukaorulurv for the raw files

"Hadaka no Shounen" (7 Sept, 2002) K-T's Nagasaki Eating Contest Part 1
Length: 23 mins 12 secs
Size: 164 MB
Starring: KAT-TUN
Highlights: The A team (Koki, Kame & Ueda) argue non-stop while the B team (Jin, Nakamaru, Taguchi) happily enjoy being tourists by watching jetski shows and riding on trams. Koki is Mr. I Hate KAT-TUN, while Kame is a whiny little brat who yells at Koki for eating too much. Ueda is the leader, so his team obeys him. And Jin attempts to calculate how much money his team has spent... which gives you a long enough pause to go out and make yourself a cup of tea if you'd like one!
- Hardsubbed version -
Mediafire: Join 2 parts with HJsplit before watching

"Hadaka no Shounen" (14 Sept, 2002) K-T's Nagasaki Eating Contest Part 2
Length: 23 mins 54 secs
Size: 241 <-- VERY BAD quality! Jumpy & annoying!
Starring: KAT-TUN
Highlights: Three K-T members together in a bubble bath~!!
Raw video:
- The quality of the raw video is so bad & jumpy that I can't manage to make a hardsubbed version. If you can, then please do so! -
Hardsubbed version: Thanks tesshi
.001- KI1
.002- 7E7
.003- TK7
.004- Q8H
.005- 14B

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  1. the files of the "Hadaka no Shounen" (14 Sept, 2002) K-T's Nagasaki Eating Contest Part 2 are broken u.u can you please reaupload them?? pleaseeee