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Monday, September 27, 2010

[DVD] SMAP's 2008 super.modern.artistic.performance concert tour

SMAP's 2008 super.modern.artistic.performance tour Concert
Released 17 Dec, 2008
Divided into 6 parts because that was how I downloaded it (and I've still been too lazy to learn how to burn my own DVDs so I have to rely on other people to upload stuff!)
Zipped file of softsubs:

Part 1 (Disc 1)
Length: 33 mins 48 secs
Size: 427 MB
Highlights: Tartan! And vampires! A roulette wheel and a blue lightning slide! And so many different songs with lyrics that makes me laugh and lyrics that make me want to cry.

Part 2 (Disc 1)
Length: 33 mins 12 secs
Size: 432 MB
Highlights: Some really cool R&B songs in this part and (you're probably not going to be believe me, but it's true) they sing songs with plenty of English in them! That's right! Not Engrish, but real, pretty much understandable English! *shock* There's also KimiTaku's groovy solo song and happy dirty SMAP who then sing about Mt. Everest!

Part 3 (Disc 1)
Length: 35 mins 49 secs
Size: 402 MB
Highlights: SMAP become cyborg conrollers (?) and ride around on those scooter thingys that appear at most Johnny's concerts. Then there's also a beautiful little grandma skit. Nakai may not be able to sing, but he sure knows how to entertain! It was a brilliantly set up song.

Part 4 (Disc 2)
30 mins 32 secs
Size: 232 MB
Highlights: Kusanagi plays the piano while SMAP are dressed as Indians or Eskimos. Then KimuTaku plays the guitar while the Indians & Eskimos gather around him and sing. What the heck was with the violent harmonica-eating dog-beating clown?

Part 5 (Disc 2)
Length: 30 mins 40 secs
Size: 344 MB
Highlights: Shingo sings his entirely-in-English song which is much cuter & has more meaningful lyrics than Jin & Pi's sex-mad English songs! And this part ends with SMAP's funny Sexy And The City skit where they choose the seats of people who can go and sing with them on the stage later.

Part 6 (Disc 2)
30 mins 22 secs
Size: 384 MB
Highlights: There's a brief glimpse of HSJ & some Juniors in the audience. Then there's lovely KimuTaku papa with a kid on his shoulders and lovely big brother KimuTaku as he hoists HSJ onto his moving platform. As you can tell, I got bored of translating all the thank you's & bye-byes, so if they say something you don't understand, chances are that it's just some variation of "thanks." By the way, can I ask why there were 16 people in charge of "balloons" in the credits?! Did they all have to sit around & blow into them to blow them up or something!?

Mediafire links thanks to the amazing
saragnayan :
part1 disc1 mf folder:
part2 disc1 mf folder: 74c32db0a4640c814df2efeadc50145f91283b9e 839ac95965eaa7bc68bc
part3 disc1 mf folder: 74c32db0a4640c814df2efeadc5053d6bccd8f51 606c5621d66e282a0ee8
part4 disc2 mf folder: 74c32db0a4640c814df2efeadc50854267c811d4 d41bc95965eaa7bc68bc
part5 disc2 mf folder: 74c32db0a4640c814df2efeadc50fd4b883a3745 efbc5be6ba49b5870170
part6 disc2 mf folder: 74c32db0a4640c814df2efeadc50bfabf118b6f8 b5d7b8eada0a1ae8665a

I'd hoped to release this at the end of last month, but hardsubbing it took forever, so it ended up taking a week longer than I expected. But here it is! And it is SO SO SO SO much better than the sucky KinKi concert I half-subbed a few weeks back. This is what a concert should really be like in my opinion! It's truly entertaining!
I haven't subbed the 3rd disc with the talk parts because I'm lazy and have never even bothered to watch that disc yet myself either! I flicked through it when I first got it, but it looked a bit dull... and I don't particularly like concert MC talk parts so the only times I ever watch them is if I'm subbing them!


  1. hey (:
    I'm so glad i found this page of yours! thanks for putting SMAP's concert up for grabs!!! :D

    question about the mediafire files though…apart from the part 1 disc 1 folder, the rest of the folders seem to have missing files, like a 001 or 004 missing…do you have them somewhere else?

    Cos megaupload never lets me download more than one file a day eve though I'm a basic member.

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  3. Thanks for reposting these! I am a bit late in the game coming to this site, but I've just rediscovered my love for SMAP. Are these files located any where else or do you still have these files you would consider sharing?


  4. hai, do you still have the softsubs? if u have, can u give me? because i can't find it anywhere...

    1. Yes, the softsubs would be great! Please let us know where we can find them!

  5. hello....there is some of your link broken..please fix it!!