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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Drama preview] "SMILE" drama navi (11 April, 2009) ft. Matsujun & Aragaki Yui

Preview of "SMILE" drama "navi(gation)" (11 April, 2009)

Length: 48 mins 29 secs
Size: 351 MB (which is a great drop from the 1.8 GB raw I used...!)
Starring: Matsumoto Jun (Arashi), Aragaki Yui, Nakai Kiishi, Oguri Shun (handsome guy)
Highlights: In this drama Matsujun plays a half-Filipino half-Japanese guy who is very positive and smiley (or so they keep saying in the voice-over, but he seemed to be crying & looking in pain during most of the drama shots they showed us!). Aragaki plays a mute girl. They don't give any hint of the plot in this preview, other than to say that some terrible incident will occur, which makes me kind of glad that I missed the first episode last night. I hate it when it takes forever for the plot to start!! Anyway, there's a tiny bit at the end of Oguri Shun. He plays a baddie, but his hair is so mushed-up that I wouldn't have recognized him at all if Mr. Voice-over hadn't told us who he was! The interview parts with Matsujun were great. He seemed to have a lot of fun talking & joking with the script writer and with the lawyer guy, Nakai Kiichi. As for Aragaki, could anyone speak any slower than her if they tried!? I can't stand her interviews because I always want to fast-forward her speech so that I don't have to wait a full minute for her to get out one darn sentence....!!!! *Excuse my annoyance, but I can see why they chose her to play a mute! ha ha*
Raw file can be found here:

- Hardsubbed version -
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  1. the link to part 2 under the hardsubbed version is broken!!! the mediafire one!! can you please fix it??