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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Cartoon KAT-TUN] 20 Feb 2008 Car parking contest & dog owning test

"Cartoon KAT-TUN" (20 Feb, 2008) Ep.46 Parking contest & dog owning test
Length: 23 mins 34 secs
Size: 147 MB
Starring: KAT-TUN, Takasugi Satomi (singer who seems to have stopped working much since then?)
Highlights: Ueda tests KAT-TUN on their dog owning skills & knowledge (and my dislike of dogs obviously showed because I only got the last question correct! I guess my knowledge of foreign languages is much better than my knowledge of how to be a dog owner!) Then KAT-TUN attempt to park a car, with plenty of tooting but very little success!
NOTE: I cheated and didn't translate the Q&A parts shown on the screen because the girl no longer seems to be working much and even KT didn't seem to respond much to her answers, showing that even they weren't all that interested in them either!
- Hardsubbed version -

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