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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[4 clips] Gossipy news from first week of April about Jin, KT-TUN, Tackey, Kimura Takuya & NEWS

"Mezamashi TV" (6 April, 2010) Rumor about Jin leaving KAT-TUN
Length: 44 secs Size: 5 MB
Starring: KAT-TUN
Highlights: So it seems that one newspaper has reported their prediction as fact. Only time will tell if they guessed correctly or not...

"Mezamashi TV" (6 April, 2010) Tackey's sword fight facial injury
Length: 1 min 13 secs Size: 3 MB <-- Poor quality
Starring: Takizawa Hideaki
Highlights: Tackey got injured at rehearsals before the start of his latest theater show and his face looks swollen.

"Mezamashi TV" & "Mezanyu" (5 April, 2010) KimuTaku's new "Moon Lovers" drama

Length: 3 mins 39 secs Size: 23 MB <-- Poor quality
Starring: Kimura Takuya (SMAP), Shinohara Ryoko & Kitagawa Keiko (actresses), Matsuda Shota (actor)
Highlights: KimuTaku is in Shanghai to film his new drama and a crowd of his fans gathered to see him. Kitagawa talks about the experience of eating & drinking with such famous stars.

"Mezamashi TV" (2 April, 2010) Tegoshi has changed & Ryo's private slapping
Length: 1 min 10 secs Size: 7 MB
Starring: NEWS
Highlights: Tegoshi was obviously the inspiration for Massu's choice of clothing color combinations, for example Massu's choice of shoes to wear in this interview. And Ryo is asked about if he's been slapped by someone in private life like in their music video.

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