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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[3 clips] "Shounen Club" 10 April 2005 NEWS fashion check + 2 ads for upcoming JE dramas

"The Shounen Club" (10 April, 2005) NEWS's fashion check
Length: 3 min 33 secs
Size: 20 MB
Starring: NEWS (with 8 members!)
Thanks to: bluegums for the raw file
Highlights: Ryo is being all big-brotherly to Tegoshi and can't keep his hands off him at the start. At the end Ryo sticks up for Tegoshi's bad fashion sense and makes sure no one teases his baby Tego-nyan. No wonder Tegoshi has ended up so spoiled! Koyama admits that he copied his accessories from Akanishi and Yamapi's style. Massu is wearing a belt so in case he gets lost he can just point to it and say "return to this address."
- Hardsubbed version -

TV ad #2 for "Orthros no Inu" drama (June 2009)
Length: 14 secs
Size: 2 MB
Starring: Nishikido Ryo (NEWS), Takizawa Hideaki, Mizukawa Asami (actress)
Highlights: Exactly the same as the last ad, except that the pictures of the actors are put in a different location on the screen. (Someone didn't have time to create a new ad & just quickly edited the old one...?)
- Hardsubbed version -

TV ad for "Buzzer Beat" drama (June 2009)
Length: 29 secs
Starring: Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS), Kitagawa Keiko (actress)
Highlights: "Romance makes you stronger." Let's hope there is a good plot to this drama & not just non-stop scenes of Yamapi running up and down the basketball court. On the bright side, he seems to have a nice chemistry with the leading lady, judging from their cuteness bumping shoulders as they sit side by side in this ad.
Softsubs only (because it seems to be refusing to hardsub itself with the picture & only giving me the sound - and my convertor programs refuses to work with the clip at all!):
Raw video file from: yamapi_blue (labeled there as CM #3)
How to use softsubs:
-- Edit -- Hardsubbed version thanks to fdpu :

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