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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[3 clips] AT-T baking, Yamapi & Maki & magician, Tegoshi & big bird

Here are three random little old clips that were requested.
(Sorry to all those who request long clips, but I always feel much more motivated to do short clips first~)
Thanks to sakuradanielle for the torrent links

"Hadaka no Shounen" (31 Aug, 2002) Jin, Koki & Taguchi bake tiramisu
4 min 58 secs
Size: 30 MB
Starring: Akanishi Jin, Tanaka Koki, Taguchi Junnosuke (KAT-TUN)
Highlights: An Italian chef gives them cooking instructions in Italian and the 3 boys have to guess what he's saying. If they guess incorrectly, they get whacked on the head with a huge paper fan. What was with Jin's hairstyle (and hair color) in this clip?! I'm glad he's improved his looks in the last 6 years (although Koki & Taguchi look pretty much the same as they do now... or is that just me?)
Torrent: ?page=details&id=47207

"Kurosagi" drama promotion (11 April, 2006) Yamapi & Maki with magician Peter Marvey
Length: 5 min 02 secs
Size: 28 MB
Starring: Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS), Horikita Maki ("Kurosagi" movie/drama actress), Peter Marvery (magician)
Highlights: A magician does 2 tricks for Yamapi & Maki. The first one is a card trick which I still can't work out. How in the world can a card suddenly appear there, even when they're on the 9th floor?! Speaking of them being on the 9th floor, it is so funny to see Yamapi & Maki's faces as they hear that the magician will try to fly out the window!
Torrent: ?page=details&id=47209

"Zoom In Saturday" (3 Feb, 2007) Tegoshi & a green bird
3 min 42 secs
Size: 32 MB
Starring: Tegoshi Yuuya (NEWS)
Highlights: Tegoshi gets to meet his long lost friend that he'd been searching for, a big green bird! They even swap gifts - Tegoshi was given the thing he said he'd take if he had to travel to the end of the world and Tegoshi gave the bird a video tape that he'd stolen from his new show!
Torrent: ?page=details&id=47208

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