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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[24 Hour TV preview] 29 Aug 2009 - NEWS interview before show begn

"24 Hour TV" (29 Aug, 2009) Interview backstage before show began
Length: 7 mins 4 secs
Size: 64 MB
Starring: NEWS, Kanno Miho (actress)
Thanks to: Sarah & jasj & sayaw16kimy for sharing and converting the raw file to avi
Highlights: The announcer lady was totally unprepared & obviously had no idea who Tegoshi or Koyama were! Yamapi didn't help matters by not answering well and just talking about Shige instead of leading on nicely to either Tegoshi or Koyama's segments. And the announcer lady shocked Shige when it seemed like she was asking him about Ryo's drama. The interview ended as a complete mess with Koyama feeling totally left out.
- Hardsubbed version -

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