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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[24 Hour TV] 30 Aug 2009 Shige's steel pan project

"24 Hour TV" (30 Aug, 2009) Shige's steel pan performance project
Length: 19 mins 4 secs
Size: 291 MB
Starring: NEWS
Thanks to: inala & sufafiori & zaziemuto for sharing and/or converting the raw files
Highlights: Shige really doesn't know anything! Ha ha~ *laughs*
Heart-warming lesson #1: The NEWS members - and even Yamapi! - are able to show a variety of facial expressions & it's lovely watching the emotions on their faces as they watch Shige.
Heart-warming lesson #2: Some things are just so natural that even a difference in language & culture won't change them! For instance,
even the older sister seems to know that Shige's role is to be the one who always gets teased!
Heart-warming lesson #3: Yamapi cares about Shige's future. Or maybe his advice to Shige at the end about what he should do in the future is just more Shige teasing!!
- Hardsubbed version -
Mediafire: Join 3 parts with HJsplit before watching
Sendspace: Thanks tofecundeety
001: p
002: 8
003: r

That's the last part I'll do for today. The other parts will come in dribs & drabs over the next few weeks whenever I have time to do them.

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