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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[ 2 clips] "Orthros no Inu" drama navi (19 July 2009) + "Mezamashi" Pi promotes his drama (13 July)

"Drama Navi(gator)" (19 July, 2009) Orthros no Inu drama preview
Length: 33 mins 12 secs
Starring: Takizawa Hideaki, Nishikido Ryo (NEWS), Yaotome Hikaru (Hey!Say!JUMP)
Highlights: As usual, this show gives away most of the plot of the first episode, so be warned! Ryo was pretty adorable being sprayed with water, but other than that, we didn't really get to see much about behind the scenes. It kind of felt like a lecture about the characters that will appear more than a "get you excited to watch this series" promotional show. They keep going on and on about how speedy the drama is, but it seemed like this show was really speedy but the first episode of the actual drama itself wasn't any different than most other dramas really. And they tried to show off a lot about how this drama is based on American shows, interviewing a foreign guy from Warner Brothers and emphasizing that it was an American who drew the animation for the promo ad.
+ Raw version:
Hardsubbed version (301 MB) Thanks to je12_vz09

"Mezamashi TV" (13 July, 2009) Pi and 2 girls triple date
Length: 9 mins 31 secs
Size: 188 MB <-- Lovely quality
Starring: Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS), Aibu Saki & Kitagawa Keiko (actresses)
Highlights: The two girls have to make up a date plan to try to entice Yamapi to choose them. But it seems that they're going to have to end up having a threesome at Yamapi's house instead. The triple date should go well, because Aibu admits that she's been practicing how to be a bad girl.
- Hardsubbed version -
Mediafire: Join 2 parts with HJsplit before you watch it

Please excuse any errors in these clips as they were done under the influence of alcohol (but who knows, the alcohol may have actually improved my subbing ability... ha ha!). Time to go out now and add more alcohol to my already tipsy feeling after having started off the day with champagne for brunch and afternoon tea!

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