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Thursday, September 23, 2010

[2 clips] "Janiben" 13 Feb 2008 Love tricks & quizzes + 20 May 2009 Presents to girls

"Janiben" (20 May, 2009) Presents to girls from KimuTaku & KJ8
Length: 3 mins 21 secs
Size: 41 MB
Starring: Kanjani, Takizawa Saori (actress)
Highlights: Apparently SMAP's Kimura Takuya gave Saori a certain sexy present in return for getting Valentine's chocolates from her. So then the Kanjani guys talk about what presents they give girls. Ryo's one is almost stalker-ish, while the loud-dressing-guy's one shows what a girl he really is! Meanwhile, the guest could care less what the Jim-Carrey-faced guy gives girls as a present! (I guess I really should learn the members names one day to make it easier to write highlights that are understandable to anyone other than myself...!)

"Janiben" (13 Feb, 2008) Love tricks & love personality tests
Length: 13 mins 36 secs
Size: 116 MB
Starring: Kanjani
Highlights: Asking a guy what their favorite animal is seems to be a good way to trick them into dating you! Maybe Subaru wants you to praise the size of his *^* while the Jim-Carrey-face-guy tries his best to stay alive. Ryo talks about what he thinks of trying out S&M techniques or cosplay. And Yokoyama works out the reason why Kanjani took so long to take off in the entertainment industry. You can also play along and see if the test results seem to fit you or not.

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